• Tom Cecil

4th March 2019 - Spiritual Essentials

I appear to have come full circle. When I started out in my walk with Christ, I learned - academically, that I needed to sustain my life with the daily and regular practices of: prayer, Bible study, fasting and fellowship. I even remember a time in my late teens when I was teaching this in my church. Since then, I have had to experience the truth of this in my life through many real and tangible ups and downs. Because it seems that whilst I understood this as a principle, I didn't truly know or believe it, since I have failed to live my life according to this principle. So now here I am, feeling like I've spent the last seven years of my life learning the same lesson!

I have truly seen the transforming power of reading the Word, I have seen that guidance, hope progress and peace only from prayer. I have experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit become dormant when I isolate myself from other believers. I think that the reason I have now truly come to understand and believe and live my life in this way now is because I had no need for it my previous life before committing to Christ. No faith was required, no discipline needed or challenge faced and I wasn't serving the Kingdom. God may have been preparing me but I wasn't following Him. Now that I have given my life to Christ, just like my physical body needs, food, water, sleep, warmth and shelter. I live and breath on these essentials, without which I would die.


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