• Tom Cecil

20th February 2019 - Aligned Prayers

There are times when I come to the Lord so frustrated,normally because I've either let something outside of my control impact my thoughts in an unproductive way or I've not been responsible and not done what I needed to.In these situations, when I come to God in prayer, I often have so many uncontrolled thoughts, frustrations and simply a chaos of emotions which makes the entire situation seem even worse. It's not only very unproductive to be in this state but also reveals a lack of understanding and reverence for the Father. Yes there are times when we should cry out to God but the problem is when our thoughts and emotions are sourced from our worldly or fleshly nature. When I bring these thoughts before God and let them dictate my intent and the direction of my prayers, I am no longer praying according to the will of the Father but rather the will of my own flesh. Because it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me, I have died to myself and become a new creation in Christ. And because the Son only does the will of the Father, when I have not gone through the daily process of crucifying myself, my desires and my sinful nature and instead let that nature run rampart, allowing it to control me, my prayers go unheard and unanswered.

Therefore I come to the Lord in my pain, crying out to Him, not in the chaos of my sinful desires, but rather than Christ would help me overcome the worldly desires in me and bring me back to Him, to remain in him, back on the narrow path, to once again have it be Christ who is controlling me, not the world and it's desires.

This morning this happened in the form of a supernatural peace. Instead of getting caught up in my emotions, which seeks to destroy my joy, I directed that anger into asking the Lord to bring me peace and to have this be all I thought about. Even writing this I am filled with light and a supernatural peace, which is the same that filled me during my prayer. All of the worldly noise was quietened and I felt such peace as I was brought back to what actually mattered - namely, making disciples and being a disciple. As I died to myself and my desires, Christ took over and guided my heart to focus on His Kingdom and serving His Kingdom. This then allowed my prayers to be directed to that which was according to His will, which was the love of others and thankfulness to God.


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