• Tom Cecil

18th Feb 2019 - Communion

I have realised, or maybe I finally began to place value on, the incredible importance of communion. The traditional "religious" understanding of communion that is held in the minds of many people unfamiliar with true discipleship is somewhat broken but thew way I understand it from Scripture is that when the believers gather together to encourage, strengthen, nurture and exhort, it has a powerful way of keeping each believer in Christ. By being accountable together in unity, no individual gets "left out of the fire" as such. Instead of becoming isolated, proud, spiteful and succumbing to the flesh, I am matured, discipled and grow in knowledge and faith in Christ. This is why the communion of the Saints is so important and is indeed necessary for the life of a disciple - which means following, which cannot be done alone.

Whilst it is Christ that we are ultimately following, we must also replicate this in our physical lives by following others in the Church who are more mature than us. Now any secular group can replicate these benefits (or at least some) by adhering to this practice, however the Church is different. Because the Church is the literal embodiment of Christ and our gathering together is how He manifests His presence among us, we have a deeper layer than any secular gathering could ever have. This layer is that Christ connects one believer to another in a way that is not possible without Christ. There is a unity obtained when Christ draws members of His Church together which not only helps us understand and relate to each other but also allows us to overcome the flesh, the world and sin in a way that we cannot do on our own.


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