• Tom Cecil

17th February 2019 - Pride

Pride - it is such an insidious force, it seems to be the root of all evil. It seeps into every heart, destroying lives and seeking to establish the kingdom of it's master - Satan.. It is the very antithesis of the gospel, literally the exact opposite of what the life of Christ exemplified. One of the reasons why it so easily creeps into the hearts of people, believers and unbelievers alike, is because it's so easy to justify and and whenever it's pointed out it seems like we are being petty or knit-picking. Sometimes it will seem permissible or even wise in certain circumstances. However, the mindset we are to adopt if we are to kill all trace of pride in our lives and truly adopt Christ as our existence is this: "Let my name be forgotten, let no one but Christ even know who I was, let my legacy be a faceless soldier in an army of millions, faithfully and dutifully serving the King and let me be expendable, all for the sake of the Kingdom."


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