IT Training Centre in Congo (DRC)


Individual Computer Drop-Off

We have a single drop-off point at the LQ Market located in Bendigo. People who wish to donate their old laptops, PCs or parts can bring them in and enjoy great coffee and conversation at the ARC Connexions Cafe.


If you're looking for work experience on basic IT system skills or want to volunteer your time to help out this incredible cause, call Tom at any time to have a chat a find out how you can help.

Corporate IT Disposal

Computers for Congo specialises in bulk IT disposal for businesses or other organisations. We can arrange pick-up for any size fleet refresh and if needed can erase all HDDs. 

We accept laptops, desktop computers, printers, monitors, keyboards/mice, assorted cabling and also any old network gear (routers, switches, etc). Equipment is preferred to be in working condition, however exceptions can be made for minor problems. 

Start the process now by contacting Tom to arrange pick-up. If you have any queries please don't hesitate.


Sponsor a Computer

You can help further the mission of Computers for Congo by choosing to sponsor a computer for someone. We wish we could send more and more computers but it costs $25 for each one to get to the Congo. 

By choosing to sponsor a computer, you are partnering with us to help change the world and remove the oppression of poverty.

P.S. You also get to have your name listed as a sponsor on our site!


Sponsor a Computer for the Congo