Digital hq

Digital HQ

This is where you can see all the locations that use Computers for Congo equipment. Here you can see what kind of facilities each location has, what kind of devices are being used, teacher information and more. Check out the map below to get started!

Project Types

Computers for Congo focuses on specific kinds of projects with the aim of encouraging and developing conditions for human flourishing from which prosperity can grow. This includes shifting responsibility from international organisations to the local communities so that the poor can learn to create wealth instead of relying on aid.

Computer Training 


These Centres are used to provide training and education for local students to learn computer literacy, basic business skills and more advanced Information Technology.

Interne Cafe

Internet Cafes

Internet Cafes are used to provide the local community with access to the Internet and business opportunities for students.

Computer Workshop

Computer Workshops

Workshops are used to train people to repair computer equipment and also buy and sell parts.

Computer Training Centres

Computer Training Centres