Computers, Internet, Fast Communication, Easy Transportation, Effective Business & Instant Entertainment. Now imagine a single day in your life without any of that......

Welcome to Congo

We believe we can help break the poverty cycle through equipping, educating and supporting the next generation with computers and other technology.

So far, we've sent over

1,300 Computers

To people in need (as of September 2018)

Thanks to our amazing Donors, Sponsors & Partners


Corporate donors who have given computers

Vale Australia

Vale Australia is the Australian branch of a Brazilian global mining company ranked as the 5th-largest in the world.

Have donated 60+ desktops, laptops & servers

Bendigo Health

​Bendigo Health is a state of the art modern hospital located in Bendigo which includes multiple health services located through the Greater Bendigo region.

Bendigo Health have donated over 200, desktops, thin clients, printers and more

Victory Christian College

Victory Christian College is a private school located in Bendigo, Victoria catering for all age levels from prep to year twelve.

Have donated over 60 desktop and laptop computers

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Who have supported financially

House of the Rock Church

Dean & Evelyn Cecil

Peter & Gay Wilding

David & Brooke Krause

Fernanda Vela

Lachlan Josey

Francesca Windle

Kim Windle

Dan Rees

Deanne Verbeek

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Who have provided services for Computers for Congo

Pickering Transport Group

The Pickering Transport Group is positioned as one of Australia's leading professional carriers. They provide a broad range of road transport and distribution services for local and interstate customers.

Have provided extensive transport and freight services for Computers for Congo

CrossFit By Design

CrossFit By Design provides the highest quality fitness experience by relentlessly pursuing progress.Members are part of a community which cares about who they are as people, not just numbers. Crossfit By Design takes a whole lifestyle approach to health and fitness and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Have provided financial support and use of facilities and vehicles.

Architech Network & Communications Solutions

Architech are the leading Systems Integrator in the Bendigo region with an office also in Melbourne. They specialise in network design and implementation and are a Cisco partner and one of Cisco's most respected partners in Victoria.

Have provided software, networking equipment, business development, financial and systems support to Computers for Congo


Healthy, delicious Mexican food freshly made in front of you. Zambrero is a Mexican restaurant with a mission to helping tackle world hunger.

Zambrero provide catering services for certain Computers for Congo events

Mint Signs Bendigo

Mint Signs Bendigo provide a one-stop creative design, manufacturing and installation service that produces fresh, inspired & relevant signage for your business.

Have provided signage for Computers for Congo.

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Collect second-hand computers for charity

We collect second-hand computers & other IT equipment from schools, businesses, individuals, etc that would otherwise be thrown out.

Wipe data off old computers

These computers have their data erased and are re-formatted to be good as new!

Send old computers to Africa

Everything is then shipped off to the DR Congo to change someone's life. We think that's pretty awesome...

Send old computers to Africa

Computer Training Centres are used to equip, educate and support people so that they can flourish on their own.



Corporate fleet or your own PC? Either way, if it's still in good condition please contact us.


With your incredible  help, we can take computers across the globe to those in need.